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Women Aware Supports Allocation of VAWA Bridge-Funds Before State Senate Health Committee

The Senate Health Committee released bill S2490, which would set aside up to than $1 million in bridge funds for crisis groups receiving Violence Against Women Act grants.
“Women Aware believes that domestic violence is a social justice issue and we are strongly committed to eradicating this social ill. We help hundreds of families each year find refuge from the violence they have endured at the hands of a loved one and today, thousands of survivors have moved beyond abuse because Women Aware was there when they needed help,” said Phyllis Adams, Women Aware’s Executive Director, as she testified before the Committee.
Since 1994, VAWA funding has been instrumental in providing supportive services for victims of violence.   Two of Women Aware’s most vital services depend upon continued VAWA funding – the Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) and Legal Advocacy Programs. For the 248 women and children we sheltered in 2012 and the 1,100 victims who we helped pursue restraining orders, the support of VAWA funding was essential to reduce their trauma and stabilize their lives.

Phyllis continued by saying, “The DVRT program is not expensive. The state provides $32k in funding to support our training and supervision. In return, DVRT members contributed approximately $2.5 million worth of volunteer time in Middlesex County alone.”  

For more information, read the article in PolitickerNJ: