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Tomorrow is Today – Poem for Ribbon Cutting

This poem, describing the emotional journey and optimistic outlook of a woman experiencing domestic violence, was written in honor of the opening of Women Aware’s Permanent Supportive Housing program. It was read aloud as part of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new building.

Tomorrow is Today

Written By: Denise DePalma-Karpf, MSW

Tomorrow will be a better day

When I wake with no worries of what may come my way.
The dodging of fists and shoving arms.
I will never see again, that type of harm.

Tomorrow will be a better day
When the name calling ends; attempting to break me down,
Slapping, hitting, falling to the ground.

Tomorrow will be a better day
No walking on eggshells and strategizing ways to keep him calm.
For my children’s safety at least, I must carry on.

Tomorrow will be a better day When I can freely move about. Not watching the clock or racing to get home. I can spend the day without feeling owned.

Tomorrow will be a better day
When I can finally move beyond this fate.
It feels as if it is an impossible task, with the challenges I am faced.
He is smart and manipulative but he is not in charge of my path.
Although it is dark and stormy now, I know it will not last.
I am stronger than him and I will find my way out,
With my children in hand, and my head held high
We will not look back, as we reach for that blue sky.

Tomorrow will be a better day
I am patiently waiting for tomorrow to arrive,
as I have felt trapped and dead inside.
Telling myself hold on to the hope.
I am very much alive.
Anticipating the day,
as I move closer to the dream of living in peace.
Though he tries to warp my thoughts with his harmful words, I convince myself I am not absurd. Ultimately, being free from abuse is what my children and I so rightfully deserve.

Tomorrow will be a better day
When I open the door to my very own house.
I can envision the colors all pretty and soft.
Fluffy pillows to rest my children’s heads
While singing them a lullaby without scared of getting “caught.”

My bedroom will transform into a serene space.
Where nightmares fade and good dreams take their place.
The mornings will begin with smiles, laughter, and fun.
Not a care in the world at least in my home.
My children and I will be safe.
So different from what I’ve known.

It has finally come to light.
A long road has been traveled, but we came out of the storm.
Triumphed over the excruciating fight.
This light has shown itself through Women Aware
As staff assisted in ending years of despair.
My children are smiling with glowing faces.
Running excitingly through the rooms; a celebratory occasion.
It is more than a house but a home where we are free.
And a life that is waiting to be filled with only sweet memories.